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Katey Laurel - Hurricane


A song by Katey Laurel. Produced by Warren Huart at Produce Like A


This (re)mix by Ulf H Pettersson


An infectious song I decided to do a remix of. This is originally produced as a 60's sounding track. With this mix I decided to go out on a limb and totally change the feel to a more ambient sounding track. I've kept some guitars and some piano phrases and of course the vocals from the original, but most instruments are played and programmed by myself.

Warren Huart - Bleed


A song written and performed by Warren Huart at Produce Like A Pro


This mix by Ulf H Pettersson


A great rock song in the vein of the 90's shoegazing style. 

Amanda Hardy - Love Me I'm Rich


A lovely song by Seattle based Amanda Hardy, Written and produced by Warren Huart.


This mix by Ulf H Pettersson.


The song is paying homeage to the 90's grunge with a modern touch to it. Enjoyed mixing it!

Alexx Calise - Fire

A lovely song by LA based Alexx Calise, produced by Warren Huart.

This mix by Ulf H Pettersson.

Really enjoyed mixing this song! Absolutely beautiful bass lines throughout the song. I only added some extra Moog bass during the choruses as the bass is playing a riff rather high up on the neck. Replaced the drums completely, just to create a little more power to the chorus than what actually was recorded. Focused a lot to achieve a crisp, present sound on Alexx's awesome vocals.

Steve Maggiora - Hey Lady

A really nice, groovy song with Steve Maggiora behind the piano and vocal. It pays a little homeage to the seventies, not only in the style of making music, but also the sound and production.


This was a tough one to mix. There weren't that many tracks, but to get the piano to sit right was a challenge. Considering the piano is the instrument that drives this song, and it was recorded with ribbon mics, it was very dull sounding. I put a lot of effort into making it cut through the mix without destroying the bottom end of the bass and drums.

Lauren Taylor - Treat me Right


An upbeat, pop/disco song written by Lauren Taylor and Warren Huart. Warren describes it as a bit 70's influenced, but with my mix I think I took the song into the 80's.


Really easy to mix, and I think I didn't spend more than 3-4 hours on it.


The Matthews - Save me


A song by the Irish band The Matthews, recorded and produced by Warren. A really dense song with 100+ tracks, with just the drums taking up 30-40 tracks. The singer, Jack has quite a sibilant voice, which made the vocal track a bit of a challenge to mix, especially with a song as dense as this, to cut through.


But it's a powerful song with lots of expression.

Chase K - Gone


A nice ballad with an intricate string arrangement. Lots of keyboards, some guitar, bass and drums, and some vocals.

I found it quite challenging to mix, because there was a lot of stuff going on in the low end, making it a bit heavy. Sometimes (or most of the time) heavy is good, but in this case I thought all the low end didn't favor the song. So there's a lot of cutting the lows, and even some automated EQ cuts in various places.

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