I'm a mix engineer and musician with 35 years of experience in the music business. I have recorded and mixed artists like Morgana Lefay, Pure Mania, Lake of Tears, Tad Morose, Maria de Jesus, Lovecow, Guitar 66 among others. All of who were recorded in the 1980's and 90's on equipment that could at its best be desribed as advanced analog home studio gear.


As I did all these recordings as a self-taught engineer all those years ago, I wanted to expand and vindicate my skill as a mix engineer, so after a one-year training, focused only on mixing and mixing techniques, I am now a certified mix engineer trained at Mastermind, PSL in San Diego.


Check out my most recent mixes made on my current studio setup encompassing various artists from all over the world here.



I work both in Pro Tools and Cubase, using plug-ins by Waves, UAD, McDSP, Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Brainworx, Softube, and Sonnox along with some outboard gear by Focusrite, TC-electronics and Lexicon. Part of the outboard gear is a 1", 16 track tape machine, which I use primarily as an analog "vintage warmer" to add analog weight to tracks that might be in need of some vintage magic.














I mix in an acoustically treated room on monitors I've used for over 30 years  and know well, which will let me produce mixes that translates well to most other systems.


I will take on any project, or genre. I mix for major labels (signed artists) as well as independent and/or homestudio projects. Are you one of those who record your own songs in a homestudio, but can't quite get it to sound professional? Turn the recording over to me, and I'll see if I can unlock your songs full potential.


Rates are a flat fee per song. Contact me for rates and more information.


Get a mix for free. Yeah, I'll mix one song for free, provided you let me showcase it in my portfolio here on this website (after you've approved the mix of course) Offer due  October 31, 2018.



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